Data Security Advisory Group Launch: The Beginning of the End of Data Loss from Hacking

DSAG is a clearinghouse of computer science academics, businesses, other security-standards and security-advisory organizations, and government agencies to develop formal technical requirements and standards that will guide vendors in the development of next-generation, secure systems capable of eliminating fraud and data loss/damage by hackers. 

June 30, 2016 – Austin, TX – A landmark article entitled “Why We're So Vulnerable” by David Talbot appeared in the MIT Technology Review dated January 25, 2016. Two quotes from this article are especially noteworthy of mention: (1) “But it's clear that the very basics of how networked technologies are built need to be rethought and security given a central role” and (2) “We need to restructure how we build software, and develop security systems that have evidence that they actually add value.” The improvised, makeshift measures in use today for shoring up insecure operating systems like Windows, Unix, MAC OS, and their many derivatives are failing. It is impossible to guarantee the detection and removal of malware in 100% of attacks on these insecure systems. All it takes is a single malware infection to cause significant damage. The only solution that will prevent the continued data losses and data damage as a result of hacking is to develop new computer systems that, among other things, protect data by making such systems immune to infection by malware. 

The newly-launched Data Security Advisory Group (DSAG) is based on the proven models of organizations like Merchant Advisory Group and Conexxus. These organizations have been very successful in the Payments industry. The DSAG will develop formal technical requirements and standards for computer security, organize conferences and webinars, maintain a website, publish a monthly newsletter, and generally provide the effective leadership that is so badly needed to vastly improve American data security and ultimately eliminate the threat from hacking.

About the Data Security Advisory Group (DSAG)

There is a very real concern among many CEOs today that Congress, left to its own devices in a misguided attempt to stop the hackers, might pass future legislation forcing ineffective and expensive security requirements on US companies. It is DSAG's mission to ensure this does not happen. Thus DSAG has a goal of providing effective leadership to the federal government by providing a bulletproof set of technical requirements and standards that will ultimately eliminate fraud and data loss/damage as result of hacking. If you store sensitive data of your customers, your employees, banks, or any other organization, you should be required by law to store that data only on secure computer systems that have been approved to meet the technical requirements and standards maintained by DSAG.

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