The Data Security Advisory Group (DSAG) was founded in June, 2016, by a visionary group of computer science academics and business leaders with deep knowledge of research advances during the last forty or so years in the field of verifiably-secure operating systems. The computer science academics have long known that the cybersecurity industry, while somewhat effective using a "finger in the dike" approach to preventing data loss as a result of breaches by hackers, would never be effective in finding a permanent solution to eliminate this loss of sensitive data. Thus the DSAG was born, dedicated to establishing technical requirements and standards that will compel a permanent solution to the hacking threat through multi-stakeholder collaboration. This collaboration is intended to span all affected stakeholder sectors, including retail, financial, education, healthcare, and government.

DSAG Membership and sponsorship is intended for next-generation data-security companies, companies in the retail, finance, education, healthcare, and government sectors, law firms interested in data security, private equity investors, universities, government agencies, and others potentially affected adversely by fraud and/or data breaches. DSAG Membership and sponsorship runs from the date joined for one year.

Benefits of Joining DSAG

  • Participation in a collective voice across the retail, financial, education, healthcare, and government sectors in order to drive technical requirements and standards that will ultimately result in a permanent solution to the problems of fraud and data loss/damage.
  • Direct conversations with all parties in the data security industry at once about issues affecting your company’s data security practices.
  • Complimentary attendance at the annual conference, a tremendous opportunity for education, networking, best-practice sharing, reviewing new technologies, and interfacing with other companies, investors, and government personnel.
  • Exclusive access to the DSAG newsletter, webinars, and research studies and surveys that provide valuable data and other pertinent information.
  • Members-only resources such as working group notes on standards proposals, past webinar recordings, conference session presentations, educational session recordings, and additional tools to help you improve your data security as new advances are made in this area.

Membership and Sponsorship Costs for Joining DSAG

  • Small Member (less than 25 employees): $2,000 per year
  • Medium Member (less than 200 employees, but more than 25): $4,000 per year
  • Large Member (More than 200 employees): $6,000 per year
  • Silver Sponsor: $10,000 per year
  • Gold Sponsor: $17,500 per year
  • Platinum Sponsor: $25,000 per year

Membership and sponsorship includes:

  • Attendance fees to the annual conference for two individuals from the Member or Sponsor company
  • Access to all information, tools, etc. on the DSAG website
  • Access to Membership list for networking
  • Access to all information published by the DSAG
  • Representation through the DSAG in noted data-security industry groups which the DSAG joins on its Members' behalf

How to Join: